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Muzzio Drums Element 2 MDES2-5-SPK 5 Piece Electronic Shellpack 18" Kick

Muzzio Drums

  • $1,595.95

Muzzio Drums Element Series 2 MDES2-5-SPK 5 peice shell pack. The shell pack comes with 18” Kick, 10”,12”,14” Toms, and a 14” Snare. Comes in several color options. The kit has mesh heads for quiet play and the rims can come with rubber rim trim by request. Who say Edrums can't be amazing to look at? The Muzzio Element Series 2 has been tested with ATV AD5, Roland TD-50, and Pearl Mimic Pro. Other modules like the Roland TD-30 and 2box Drumit 3 and 5 should also work but have not been tested. 

Combining the 100% birch wood shell with high gloss finishes, Accu-Track sensors, and FRH
head technologies. The sum of these "Elements" achieve a playing experience that has the feel
and look of acoustic drums. The Element 2 Series drums allow for dynamic and expressive play. The standard drums sizes give you the response and look you expect from a drum kit. Element 2 Series shell packs allow you to create a kit based on your needs, allowing you to add hardware, module, or cymbals of your choice.

  • Snares are 3 zone ( Head, rim, and cross stick)
  • Toms are 2 zone (head & rim)
  • Kicks are single zone. 


  • 18”x14” Kick
  • 10”x6” Mounted Tom
  • 12”x7” Mounted Tom
  • 14”x8” Mounted Tom
  • 14”x5” Snare

 When you buy from Edrumcenter you get free shipping and there is no sales tax collected when we ship outside of TN. Should you need a module, hardware, cymbals, headphones, or even sticks with your shell-pack contact us for a package deal. 

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