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Roland TD-17KL V-Drum Kit


  • $999.99

 The Roland TD-17KL V-Drum Kit is a new electronic drum kit for 2018 intended to replace the TD-11K. If you were shopping for a TD-11K this is the direct replacement. This is what the kit comes with. 

  • TD-17 Module (without Bluetooth) Includes Multi Cable Snake
  • TD-17 Module Mount, and AC Adapter
  • PDX-8 for dual trigger snare
  • PD-8 (x 3) for dual trigger tom pads
  • New KD-10 kick pad
  • CY-5 and FD-9 Hi-Hat Control Pedal for hi hat system
  • CY-8 (x 2) for Crash Cymbals  
  • MDS-4V rack (includes mounting hardware for 4 pads, Hi-Hat, and 2 cymbals 

The new TD-17 module is the star of the show. The TD-11 was a good module but really needed an update and it got one. The TD-17 uses the same sound engine as the TD-50 but at launch has a ton of great sounding kits dialed in at launch to satisfy what customers have been asking for. The KD-10 is new as well and promises to give high end feel on an inexpensive kick trigger. 

 Edrumcenter will give you the best price, free shipping, and no sales tax outside of TN. We will also be doing extra custom drumkits for this module that we will be providing free at a later date as an added value. 

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