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GEWA G9-Pro-C5 Electronic Drum Kit

GEWA G9-Pro-C5 Electronic Drum Kit

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The Gewa G9-Pro-C5 is a 5pc electronic drum kit with acoustic sized drum shells and a unique Carbon Graphite finish. The kit also comes with larger electronic cymbals and Gibraltar drum hardware. 


• G9 Drum Workstation
• Carbon Wrap Shells
• 1x10“ Tom, 1x12“ Tom, 1x14“ Tom,
18“ Kick Drum, 14“ Snaredrum
• 2x 14“ Crashes, 18“ Ride, 14“ HiHat
• incl. Gibraltar stand pack
• incl. Gibraltar HH-stand
• incl. cable sleeve and accessories


  • 10" Direct Touch Interface
  • Multi-Chip Architecture
  • 128GB Internal Memory
  • 3D Sonic Image
  • Pro-Audio recording Tools
  • True-Rebound Mesh Heads
  • Soundstore via GEWA Electronics Cloud
  • Extended Conntectivity Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/ASIO
  • Cymbal dimensions and mass properties designed after Paiste 2002 series
  • Full size Shells