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Roland MC-707 Groovebox


  • $999.99

The Groovebox is back. The new MC-707 is trying to muster up glory days of past MC units. The MC-303, the MC-505. Groove Box might sound like a funny name but these are fun things to play around with. Drummers and non drummers alike can mix internal drum beats to awesome bass lines, synth parts, samples, and more to create new music. You can also add many other layers to create your own unique beats and sound. Fairly easy to use the MC groove boxes make music production very tactile and fun even for a novice. Deeper dives can dig up all kinds of uses. Pro and Home studio users, DJ's, electronic music enthusiasts, bands, and probably more applications haven't even been thought of. Get the MC-707 from Edrumcenter and help support all our Edrum deliciousness.


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