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Music Production

This is a section where we feature items used to create music of all kinds. Keyboards, drum machines, software, effects, mics, basically everything not Edrums. We sell Earthworks Mics all of them. Presonus Interfaces/Mixers/Software, Roland Keyboards and MIDI Devices like the Integra 7, Aira Drum Machines, Synth Stuff, Boss Pedals ( also Roland ), Boss Guitar amps, Pearl Drums and hardware, Tama drums and hardware, Yamaha Keyboards like the Montage series, all Yamaha PA Speakers and Mixers, Yamaha acoustic drums and hardware, Yamaha music production gear like studio monitors and headphones, headphones of all kinds. Ultrasone headphones, Final Audio headphones and more is added all the time. Hosa Cables and Snakes, cases and bags from Gator. Got a brand you think we should sell send us a message.