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Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit


  • $1,199.99

The Roland TD-17KV is an electronic drum kit from Roland. For years Roland has been an industry leader in electronic drums. The TD-17KV premiered in Spring 2018. It replaced the TD-11KV and offers the TD-17 module that comes with built in Bluetooth and improved sounds. This kit and the TD-17KVX are very similar but there are a few differences. The Hi hat with the TD-17KV is the CY-5 along with an FD-9 hi hat controller instead of the VH-10. Because of this you will not need a hi hat stand when you buy this kit. The cymbals are also CY-8's instead of the more expensive CY-12C and CY-13R. 

What's in the TD-17KV kit? 

  • TD-17 module which includes Multi Cable Snake, Module Mount, and AC Adapter
  • Snare Pad PDX-12 - dual trigger snare with rim shot and cross sticking. Designed for TD-17
  • Tom Pads PDX-8 8" dua; trigger edrum pad tjhat last! (2 ply Mesh Head Pads) x 3 each
  • Kick Pad KD-10 - do not use a felt beater, if you need help choosing a pedal ask
  • Hi-Hat CY-5 cymbal with FD-9 Hi-Hat Control Pedal - no hi hat stand required
  • Cymbals CY-8 (x 2)
  • Rack MDS-Compact (includes mounting hardware for everything)

Note: You just getting started? You will probably need a kick pedal, drum throne, some headphones, and maybe an amp. Edrumcenter sells them lucky for you and we are here to help. Ask us questions so we can create a custom package for you. Edrumcenter ships orders to the lower 48 USA over $49 free ground shipping. There is also no tax if we ship outside of TN or you have a TN tax ID.  

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