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Roland V-Drums TD-25KV Electronic Kit

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Discontinued in January 2020 and we have sold out. The replacement kit is the TD-27KV but you may also want to look at the Roland VAD306 or TD-17KVX. Not sure what to get contact us now so we can help. 

The Roland TD-25KV or TD-25KV-S as is the proper Roland part number is an electronic drum kit. You get great sounding drum kits out of the box, mesh pads, great cymbals, a responsive hi hat, and a very fun experience. We have sold hundreds of these since they came out and have played on this kit quite a bit. The kit is just easy to sit down on and have a good time. The first time you sit down and start scrolling through the kits you will be blown away how much Roland adds to its sounds with effects. A normally dry unprocessed drum sound might be kind of boring but Roland makes it come to life with an big Arena sounding Reverb. Want more cowbell? Add a cowbell sound with the turn of a knob. Want more kick, turn up the bass on the entire module with the turn of another button. All of this happens in the first few minutes with no owners manual required. Yes you will probably have to open the manual at some point but just sitting down and having fun with the kit should not require much time. Setup time is less than an hour, a lot quicker if you have owned a Roland kit before. The rack is sturdy enough and the footprint of the kit is small enough to fit in most situations.

The stock kit ( TD-25KV-S ) does not come with any hardware but the rack. Edrumcenter offers packages as well if you are trying to get everything you need but do not know where to start. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  • Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine based on the flagship TD-30.
  • Sound quality and expressiveness equivalent to the top-of-the-line V-Drums.
  • Easy to use interface for customizing and creating your own kits on the fly. 
  • Quick EQ right on the module to adjust how the overal kit sounds. 
  • The TD-25KV-S comes with:
    • TD-25 V-Drum Module w/ all cables and module mount
    • PDX-100 10-inch mesh-head snare pad with support for positional sensing and rim shot/cross stick playing.
    • Three mesh-head tom pads: two PD-85BK 8" pads for rack toms and one PDX-100 10" pad for floor tom.
    • The included VH-11 V-Hi-Hat mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand ( not included ) and offers realistic motion and a natural acoustic feel.
    • Two CY-12C 12" crash cymbals with natural swinging motion, edge/bow sensors, and choke. control; CY-13R 13" ride cymbal with natural swinging motion and edge/bow/bell triggering.
    • KD-9 kick pad with cloth head for great feel and solid playability
    • Drum Rack with Mounts
  • Play along with WAV/MP3 songs and capture drum performances as audio tracks to a USB memory stick.
  • Build drumming skills with the onboard easy to use Coach functions.
  • Quick-access metronome with dedicated screen, on/off button, and tempo knob.
  • USB host port for audio/MIDI communication with a computer. 

 Watch a video on how easy to is to play around with kits with this video.

You might also need these items. Kick Pedal, Drum Throne, Hi Hat Stand, Headphones, Speaker, and Drumsticks. Need recommendations let us know?