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Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack


  • $3,249.99

Now Shipping! By popular demand we have created the Roland TD-50DP. The TD-50DP is a package we have created with inspiration from the internet and customer requests. This is the most popular requested package other than the full TD-50KV kit which we are also taking preorders on. What is all this about? The new TD-50 module from Roland is the latest a greatest Edrummer toy that has come out in years. We have played the new module, snare, and ride and they are amazing. The TD-50DP package includes the TD-50 v-drum module, the PD140DS 14" snare drum, and the CY18DR 18" digital ride. Have you seen the videos of these in action? Go watch the videos they are amazing. We will post more every chance we get so make sure to follow us on Social Media. Want one now? contact us for an ETA we might have some on the way right now. We are taking orders now for the this package which includes all three items at one low price. We are also throwing in for those that preorder custom VEX kits they have built just for Edrumcenter customers. Get in line for the hottest new V-Drum products in years. Trade in or have us sell your old gear to get into the latest Roland gear at Edrumcenter.  



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