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Roland V-Drums Electronic Drums

All Roland V-Drums in one place for easy browsing. Want the best looking, best sounding, best triggering electronic drums on the market today? Buy Roland Vdrums. Edrumcenter picked up Roland as a brand first for a reason. They have the best selling and most reliable edrum kits, drum modules, and electronic cymbals on the planet. They have been doing V-Drums since the 1980's and even invented some of the original sounds that are still used in pop music today like the TR808 and TR909 kick drum. Roland stays on top by making user friendly, reliable, and cutting edge electronic drum products in many different price ranges. Need a top of the line kit? Buy the Roland TD-50KV. Need a portable kit? Get the TD-4KP. Need something in between? Look at the TD-25KV kit. Have an older Roland kit but want to upgrade to the latest thing? Check out the TD-50DP Upgrade Package. Need a sampler with built in pads? Look at the SPD-SX Special Edition.  

We have been selling Roland V-Drums for over 20 years so if you have any questions please let us know.