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Roland CY-15R-MG Electronic Ride Cymbal -

Roland CY-15R-MG Electronic Ride Cymbal


  • $449.99

The Roland CY-15R-MG is a 15" electronic ride cymbal. It has 3 zones. Bow, Bell, and Edge. These can be triggered via the Roland TD-30 Module and TD-25 module. It will also work with the TD-20, TD-20X, and TD-12. This is a Metallic Grey version of the CY-15R but to us it seems like the Bell is much more responsive on this version. In fact the rubber surface itself just feels better then the Black versions. This isn't really mentioned much by Roland but we have confirmed this with many customers and our own testing. Get the best price and solid service by purchasing your CY-15R-MG at today. Comes with a cable to hook up to your module, the CYM-10 anti-rotation parts, and an owners manual.  

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