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Roland KDA-22 Kick Drum Conversion Kit w/ Pearl Crystal Beat Kick Drum - Installed

  • $799.00

By Popular Demand we are packaging the Roland KDA-22 with the Pearl Crystal Beat 22" Kick drum. We are installing and testing it for you and also including free shipping. The KDA-22 release date is not known exactly at this time but we are taking preorders now with 20% deposits. This will allow us to order enough KDA-22's and kick drums and have enough to supply demand. The Roland TD-50 module is required! If you need one we sell them and also TD-50KV kits at the best price around. 


  • Roland KDA-22 and cable 
  • Pearl Crystal Beat 22" Kick Drum 
  • Installation of KDA-22 into Kick Drum

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