Consignments and Trades F.A.Q

Have stuff to sell but don't want to bother with selling it? Have something to buy but need to clean out your closet to get it? Let the professionals help sell your gear. We can add value to your item and sell it fast. Used items have a 30 day warranty from Edrumcenter and we can offer returns and sometimes add kits or samples depending on the item.  

Here is a list of services with fees. 

Trade - 75%

For trades you get 75% of what we estimate the item will sell quickly for. We have to sell the trade item quickly to help pay for the new item. 

Consignment Towards Store Credit - 15%

Send us your gear for us to sell. We inspect it, sell it, and offer a warranty on it. You get credit towards an order or store credit once the item sells. 

Consignment for Cash - 30%

Send us your item, we inspect it, sell it, offer a warranty on it, and you get a check in the mail once the item sells. 

Send us a list of items you'd like to sell with pictures and a full list of accessories, boxes, manuals, and any changes to original condition that might add or subtract value. We will determine a common selling price and communicate to come to an agreement and create an order as needed. We then need the items shipped to our location to be inspected, photographed, upgraded if applicable and listed for sale. If its a trade you get credit right away towards the new item. If its a Consignment you either get credit or a check once the item sells. If anyone has questions about this feel free to ask them. This is something I have been doing for customers for years now and it seems to work out great for both parties. Not everyone has the time or inclination to sell their old gear and we get that. That just happens to be what we do. Sell Edrums! 

What items do you take? 

Electronic drum related items that we think we can sell. Stuff we sell on our website is a good barometer of what we will take. If you don't see it for sale we probably won't have much luck selling it. We'll tell you if we are interested or think it will sell. 

How do I contact you? 

Use live chat on our website on the bottom of the screen, contact us through our Contact Form or using Facebook Messenger. We are pretty easy to reach we are selling Edrums for a living so we will get back to you in a timely manner. We even check Social Media. 

Have More Questions? Send them we will address them and add them here to our F.A.Q on this subject.