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ATV aDrums Expanded Electronic Drum Kit w/ XD-3 Module

ATV aDrums Expanded Electronic Drum Kit w/ XD-3 Module

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The ATV xD3 sound module enables drummers of all levels to fully express their dynamics and groove. A new module for 2019 the XD-3 is sounds and triggers great and has a lower price point than the AD5. When capturing instrument sounds in the studio, ATV focused on every detail; mic placement, the position of the drummer's ear, ambient sound that includes room reflections, and imaging - including the positioning of hi-hats on the left and the floor tom on the right of the stereo field; each aspect translates to a sonic detail that combines to support the drummer's realistic sound experience. 5 different high-quality drum kits out of the box with 4 more available on ATV sound store. An additional 9 kits will be available soon according to ATV.  

  • Each drum kit uses real samples
  • 5 kits included with a total of 18 kits available soon
  • Tight Triggering
  • Works with ATV pads and probably Roland as well
  • Sounds are uncompressed
  • User setup data files can be stored in the xD3 itself or on an SD card.
  • Built in Metronome and Song Player for practice

XD-3 Comes with:

  • Module xD3
  • SD-Card
  • AC adapter
  • Multi trigger cable
  • Quick start guide

Since these were introduced in 2017 ATV Adrums have become on of our best sellers. They have become known for great looking electronic drums with mesh heads and quiet great feeling electronic cymbals. 

Expanded Set Pack Contents 

ADA-BSPACK (Basic Pack)

  • aD-K18 Kick
  • aD-S13 Snare
  • aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • aD-T13 Floor Tom
  • aD-H14 Hi-Hat
  • aD-C16 Crash
  • aD-C18 Ride

ADA-HWPACK (Hardware Pack)

  • ADA-SS Snare Stand
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-CS Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-MPC aD5 Mount

ADA-EXPACK (Expand Pack)

  • aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • aD-C16 Crash
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand

2 Year US Support and Warranty

This kit does not come with a hi hat stand, cables, a drum module, a drum throne, kick pedal, headphones, or an amp. Need these items? We sell lots of great accessories and can make recommendations if needed.