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ATV aFrame Electronic Drum Instrument


  • $1,599.00

We saw the Aframe for the first time at Winter NAMM 2017. We played on it and talked to ATV engineers that designed it. To say this is different is an understatement. Its an electronic hand drum with tons of creative ways to play it. It gives the user a lot of range of sounds. There are built in effects and a state of the art battery system so you can stay charged up and mobile. With this instrument its better to talk about how unique and new it is than specs and features. If you can see uses for a unique new instrument in your drum arsenal then get one on order today. Here is a short video to see it in action. ATV has a bunch of videos up on Youtube now and there are people playing them.  

  • Very unique instrument
  • Developed by Ikutaro Kakehashi and ATV
  • World percussion sounds
  • Bend and choke notes in real time
  • Quantize pitches to custom musical scales
  • 80 included presets
  • More sounds can be backed up to a microSD card (not included)
  • High-tech textured polycarbonate playing surface offers endless artistic expression
  • Picks up sound from anywhere on the instrument
  • Headphone output is ready for silent practice
  • Two 1/4" unbalanced outputs
  • Player may use a DSLR camera style strap for upright performance - not included
  • Can be mounted to an optional stand - not included
  • AC adapter included


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