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ATV Custom Standard Kit w/ Roland TD50DP


  • $5,499.00

This is the ATV Standard Kit ( no module ) with the Snare and Ride removed. Its then packaged with the Roland TD50DP and some hardware and cables. We have sold quite a few of these as some customers really wanted this combo! 

This is what you will get when you buy this kit. 

  • Roland TD50DP ( TD-50, PD140DS, CY18DR )
  • ATV aD-K18 Kick
  • ATV  aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • ATV  aD-T13 Floor Tom
  • ATV  aD-H14 Hi-Hat
  • ATV  aD-C16 Crash
  • ADA-SS Snare Stand
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-CS Cymbal Stand
  • Roland PDS-10 ( to mount the TD-50 Module )
  • Cables to hook up everything

Once we get enough kits in we will do a photo shoot of the actual custom kit as it will look. In the meantime go by the listed included items for reference and not the pics. 

NOTE PLEASE READ: Only the listed items are included but you may need more items to complete your setup depending on your situation. You will need a kick pedal, hi hat stand, drum throne, headphones minimum to play this kit. Have those? Great you are all set. Need some or want to upgrade what you have here are some suggestions. 

Any questions feel free to contact us. 






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