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Roland TD50 Kit w/ KD-180 Kick Drum - Edrumcenter Exclusive


  • $4,999.00

Since Roland only has one kit with the KD-180 kick drum and it only has the TD-25 module available we decided to create this custom kit which is derived from the Roland TD50DP and the Roland TD-25KVX kit. We pulled out the TD-25, PD-128S-BC snare and one of the CY-12C's from the TD-25KVX and added the TD50DP and some cables to the mix. 

What you get:

  • TD-50 Module 
  • PD-140DS Digital snare 
  • CY-18DR Digital Ride 
  • MDS-9C Rack 
  • PDX-100 x 3 for toms 
  • KD-180 kick drum 
  • VH-11 hi hat 
  • Cables

Any questions about this kit let us know!


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