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Edrumcenter Custom TD-50 User Kits -

Edrumcenter Custom TD-50 User Kits Vol 1 - Discontinued

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These do not work with the new TD-50X so we no longer offer them.  

25 plus brand new user kits created by our team at Edrumcenter fro the Roland TD-50 module. Some are based on acoustic drums and others get a bit more creative. When you buy a TD-50 module or kit from us we send you these kits via email or we can load them onto the module for you before we ship it. When you place the order and we will email you the kits the next working day. Here is a video that demos kits 76-95 as of 2-28-19. There are 4 more kits that were added after that. 

Note: If you order at night or on weekends we will email you the file the next working day. We are at the shop 10-6 M-F EST.