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Edrumcenter EDCC1455-1 Custom 14" Electronic Snare w/ Maple Shell and Satin Black Finish # 1


  • $399.00

This is our second 14" electronic snare drum the first one turned out so good we figured we would make more. This one uses a Pearl 14" x 5.5" Maple shell with a great looking Satin Black finish. As with our first snare we made sure this one triggers great and supports every the modern Edrummer has come to expect. Rimshots, cross-sticking, dual trigger, and very sensitive. This is an upgrade for anyone using a smaller snare. Supports positional sensing with Roland modules that allow this feature. We used a 14" Roland ( Remo Made ) mesh head because they last a long time and have a proven track record. The rim cover is clear to keep an authentic look. The bottom head is an old 14" Roland head we had that was worn out to keep the cost down. Assembled, tested, and played by Erik Hamm right here at Edrumcenter in Knoxville TN USA.

  • 14" x 5.5" Maple Shell from Pearl 
  • Quality Hardware from Pearl 
  • Roland 14" Mesh Batter head 
  • Clear Rim Trim for authentic acoustic look
  • Dual Trigger Design supports rimshots and cross sticking with compatible modules
  • Compatible with Roland TD-12/TD-20/TD-25/TD-30/TD-30 and Pearl Mimic Pro 
  • Hand Assembled, Tested, and created by Erik Hamm at Edrumcenter
  • Ships fast from USA