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Remo Shell Wrap for TD-30KV and TD-20SX Kits


  • $129.00

No Longer Available. Remo may come to their senses and make them again or there may be a new version for the TD-50's. We are in the works with another vendor to have wraps made. Check back on our progress. 

This is a set of 6 shell wraps for the Roland TD-30KV and TD-20SX kits. We have tried to scour the net for pics of all the colors and could not find them all. We have seen with our own eyes Liquid Mercury, all the wood Grain finishes, Blue Sparkle, and Silver Sparkle. Eventually once we get more of these in we can take pics of them to show what they look like. Until then buyer beware on the colors that are not shown. I would think Sparkle Red and Sparkle Green are pretty easy to come up with in your head. Chromeburst Blue I have no idea. Remo does not always have some of these made so allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. We will try to stock Natural wood and Cherry Wood as they look amazing and seem to sell pretty well. 

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