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Roland CY-14C-MG Electronic Crash Cymbal -

Roland CY-14C-MG Electronic Crash Cymbal


  • $419.99

The Roland CY-14C-MG is an electronic cymbal that is both excellent to play but also very quiet compared to traditional or metal types of cymbals. The playing surface is a soft rubber and the cymbal swing like an acoustic cymbal thanks to the CYM-10 anto-rotation parts the cymbal comes with. These mount on a traditional cymbal boom arm but we recommend the Roland MDY-25 for people wanting to add these to an existing TD-30KV kit so everything matches. Also included is a TRS to TRS cable to hook this up to your V-drum module. Works with most newer Roland modules including the TD-30, TD-25, TD-20, TD-20X, TD-12, TD-15, TD-8, TD-6V, and TD-11. 

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