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Roland EC-10M Cajon Mic Processor


  • $259.99

The Roland EC-10M is a Cajon Mic processor. Have an amazing Cajon but still want the benefits of the Roland EC-10? Get this unit to turn your add variety to your set, sample and layer yourself, add pedals, and make your musical life better.  

  • Easy setup. Simply attach the included clip-on condenser mic to the sound hole of the acoustic cajon and start playing
  • The EC-10M can be used as a mic preamp for the supplied microphone
  • A variety of sounds. 16 onboard kits with tones including tambourine, shaker, djembe, electronic drums, and more can be layered with the acoustic cajon
  • Play two different electronic sounds by slapping the edge or head of the acoustic cajon
  • Add pedals. Up to two kick trigger pedals (Roland KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected to play additional sounds; integrated A/B foot pads can also trigger sounds
  • Simple looper function allows recording of rhythm phrases using the onboard sounds
  • Send the microphone and layered sounds to a PA mixer via two independent outputs, or mix all sounds to one mono output
  • Can be used with four AAA-size batteries (for up to five hours of use*) or included power supply

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