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Roland KD-120BK Kick Drum Black -

Roland KD-120BK Kick Drum Black


  • $499.99

The Roland KD-120BK is a classic 12" mesh kick drum. It's several inches deep and fairly heavy. It allows attachment of most brands of kick pedal. The mount is slightly funky but can be modified to fit pretty much any kick pedal in a pinch. It's metal and metal bends although this might effect the resale value of your item. The 12" mesh is light and quick but also very quiet so can practice pretty much whenever you want. Apartment dwellers might want to consider the force of impact on their floor and make adjustments to dampening to keep downstairs neighbors happy. We recommend Roland carpets or Noise eating technology. You might also consider the KT-10 electronic kick drum which does not require a pedal and is much quieter. You can always have both and be ready for any situation.

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