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Roland RM-REMAATS MAATS Tom Mount -


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The Roland RM-REMAATS MAATS is a new Tom Mount. Built with Edrums in mind it allows you to adjust the amount of rebound you get to tailor to each individual play style.Created in collaboration with Randal May Roland has come up with a new way to mount your Electronic toms. 

Whats so special about this mount? 

With the Roland RM-REMAATS each electronic drum pad is isolated in its own adjustable magnetic field, enabling the player to personalize each pad to specific feel values. With the turn of a drum key, the player can adjust a wide range of magnetic engagement to produce the feel that they so desire. This customization further enhances the feel of the Roland V-Drums. Mechanical vibration is attenuated from one pad to another, mitigating unwanted double and false triggering. This allows for more accurate performance and realization of Roland's industry-leading sound technology. Compatible with TD-50K and KV, TD-30K and KV, and TD-20 Series Roland V-Drums. Designed exclusively for Roland V-Drums, any one can enhance the feel and playability of their TD-50, TD-30, and TD-20 series drum kits. These mounts are compatible with the MDS-50K/KV and MDS-25 racks, which come standard with these V-Drums kits.


  • Works with with existing TD-50, TD-30, and TD-20 series V-Drums racks
  • Better and adjustable feel 
  • Uses normal drum key
  • Attenuated mechanical vibration
  • Can attain a more acoustic like feel