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Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach -
Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach -
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Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach

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Discontinued as of May 2018. 

The Roland RMP-5 is a Rhythm coach with a built in 8" mesh drum. So its essentially an electronic portable drum practice pad. Epracticepad. There I just made up a word. Edrumcenter is also a made up word. So what we are doing here is getting one of these into every drummers hands. Spread the word about this product to any prospective student of drums. 

RMP-5 Features:

  • PCM sound engine with 54 sounds onboard
  • External dual trigger input for adding an optional kick and cymbal pad
  • Variety of metronome sounds and patterns (samba, jazz, etc.)
  • Convenient one-piece design for easy transport
  • Large LCD screen
  • Patented mesh head technology for a great acoustic feel
  • Advanced Rhythm Coach exercises, featuring Stroke Balance and Time Check
  • Mix input for playing along with CD players or other audio devices

What sets the RMP-5 apart from other rhythm trainers? A built-in sound engine. Now you can practice with variety by choosing from the dozens of built in instruments inside the RMP-5. In addition to the acoustic sound of your sticks on the mesh pad the RMP-5 lets you trigger a plethora of high-quality, internal snare drum samples, hi-hats, ride cymbals, and various percussion instruments. You can also choose from a selection of metronome sounds, including a standard click, artificial-human-voice count, rhythmic patterns, and much more.

 The RMP-5 provides a dual-trigger input that can be used to connect Roland’s KD-9, KT-10, or KD-7 kick pad and CY-8 cymbal pad (we sell these!). Now you have a 3 piece electronic drum kit. Now you can train your hands and your feet to improve both at the same time. The RMP-5 provides the sounds for each pad, so you can play complete grooves either solo, along with the Rhythm Coach, or with external audio (such as CD players) connected to the RMP-5’s Mix In (external audio input). As a stand alone practice pad and electronic drum, the RMP-5 is great to play there is no doubt. Drummers tend to prefer the mesh feel over rubber or plastic by far. In order to be quiet mesh is really the only real option that feels good. When it comes to getting better as a drummer, it’s the built in Rhythm Coach that really makes this device shine. When turned on, the Rhythm Coach challenges drummers in a fun and friendly way with functions such as Time Check, Auto Up-Down, and Stroke Balance to help train consistent stick technique. As an added bonus, the Time Check and Stroke Balance exercises can be used simultaneously for an awesome workout. The Rhythm Coach can even grade your playing, so you can chart your progress. Your drum skills will increase rapidly with the advanced Rhythm Coach function. The RMP-5’s built-in Rhythm Coach offers exercises that will turn sloppy patterns into tight grooves with practice. Accuracy Score Rhythm Coach grades your performances, so you can keep track of your progress with no guesswork involved. Stroke Balance, the RMP-5’s onscreen meter can display the strength of each drum stroke. Improve your stick control dramatically with this handy visual gauge.

To help facilitate sales of RMP-5's is offering the best price on the internet. Watch this video by Johnny Rabb to get an idea what the RMP-5 would be like with a CY-8 cymbal set up and a KD-9 kick trigger.