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Roland TD-11K V-Drum Kit -

Roland TD-11K V-Drum Kit


  • $999.00

The Roland TD-11K is a solid v-drum kit that features an 8" mesh snare and the TD-11 module. This kit is great for the person that wants a solid Roland kit but doesn't want to spend a ton of money. The TD-11 module has tons of built in sounds, some coach functions, and USB MIDI built in. The dynamics are good in comparison to other brands of modules. Since the module makes so much difference in controlling the output of the pads this makes a huge difference. The module is also just easy to use. You can sit down on a TD-11 kit and start playing around on it right away. 

What the TD-11K Comes With:

  • TD-11 Module 
  • PDX-8 Snare
  • PD-8 x 3 for toms
  • CY-5 and FD-8 for hi hat
  • CY-8 for crash and ride
  • KD-9 Kick Trigger ( kick pedal is optional )
  • Cables, module mount, and drum rack


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