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Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set


  • $699.99

The Roland TD-1DMK is a good beginner all mesh electronic drum kit that is easy to use, compact, and affordable. Have a kid that wants to play drums but you don't want to spend $3000 and don't want to hear them practice? This is your solution. Buy some sticks, find some headphones, get a kick pedal, and find something to sit on and you are ready to play in a band. The drums are all mesh to keep the sound to a minimum but feel great. Cymbals that sway and a solid kick pad that works with all kick pedals are key to making this a good starter/practice kit. The TD-1 is simple, powerful, and reliable. Aspiring producer? MIDI over USB makes this a must have. If you are a music producer and do not yet own an electronic kit you need to seriously consider one. 

  • TD-1 module with 15 preset kits
  • MIDI over USB for virtual instruments
  • Tunable mesh snare and tom heads
  • Practice features that include 15 jam tracks, coach functions, and an aux input
  • Onboard recording function
  • V-Drums quality at an impressive low price
  • Includes 15 of Roland's latest preset drum kits
  • Mesh pads 
  • Dual-trigger snare
  • kick pad accommodates single and double bass pedals
  • Cymbals swing and sway 
  • Compact and easy-to-store
  • Fast set up and tear down
  • Kick Pedal, headphones, sticks, and throne sold separately - need suggestions contact us today!


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