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Roland TD-30K V-Drum Kit -

Roland TD-30K V-Drum Kit


  • $3,999.00

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The Roland TD-30K is not to be confused with the TD-30KV V-Drum kit. It is the second most expensive stock V-Drum kit available from Roland USA. Not sure which kit is for you? Let us help by telling you the differences. The TD-30K has the exact same drum module as the TD-30KV kit for example. Confused yet? We are here for you. Our experts have all of this info in their head and are happy to help you not only choose the right V-Drums for your needs but also save you some money in the process.

What the TD-30K-S comes with:

  • TD-30 Module
  • MDS-12V rack
  • PDX-100 for toms
  • PD-125BK for snare
  • KD-120BK for kick drum
  • VH-11 for Hi Hat
  • One CY-12C and one CY-13R for crashes
  • CY-15R for ride
  • Kick Pedal, Hi Hat Stand, Drum throne, and headphones optional. Contact us for recommended accessories!


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