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Roland V-Drum Acoustic Design VAD503 Electronic Drum Kit


  • $3,999.99

Get your VAD503 kit from Edrumcenter and get a 2 year warranty, all the extra TD-27 user kits we create, top notch support, free shipping and more. 

The Roland VAD503 is another new kit out for 2020 and the smaller version of the VAD506. VAD stands for V-Drum Acoustic Design. Its just what it looks like which is Roland V-Drum triggers installed into acoustic drums and optimized for use with the latest batch of Roland modules like the TD-50 and TD-27.  Here is what it comes with. Get the best deal, a 2 year warranty, and best support when you buy from Edrumcenter. 

What it comes with:
  • Drum sound module: TD-27 x 1
  • Snare: PD-140DS x 1
  • Tom1: PDA100-MS x 1
  • Tom3: PDA140F-MS x 1
  • Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1
  • Crash1: CY-14C-T x 1
  • Ride: CY-18DR x 1
  • Kick: KD-200-MS x 1
  • Drum combination stand: DCS-10 x 1
  • Drum boom stand: DBS-10 x 1
  • All purpose clamp: APC-10 x 1
  • Extra trigger input jack 4 (AUX1-AUX3, CRASH 2)
  • Accessories Sound module mount AC adaptor Special connection cable Drum key Setup guide Owner's manuals




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