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Roland TD-30K-EDC Custom Drum Kit w/ Gibraltar Hardware


  • $4,999.00

The Roland TD-30K-EDC is a custom electronic drum kit that was created by popular demand. A similar kit exits in the UK called the TD-30K-SE this is the closest we could make a kit like this. The basis of this kit is the Roland TD-30K. We take out the VH-11 hi hat and put in the VH-13-MG hi hats and add a PD-128S-BC snare. When you set the kit up you move the snare that comes with the kit over to be used as a floor tom and use the PD-128S-BC as your snare. You will end up with a few extra cables. We also added a BT-1 because everyone needs one. This kit comes with a budget kick pedal, snare stand, hi hat stand, and throne from Gibraltar and Roland RH-200 headphones (a $499 value). 

What the TD-30K-EDC comes with:

  • TD-30 Module with SuperNATURAL sounds
  • Dedicated Ambience fader with new room-ambience and overhead-mic simulation
  • USB memory port for data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3)
  • Additional USB-MIDI port for computer connectivity
  • MDS-12V rack
  • PDX-100 x3 and PD-125BK x 1 for toms
  • PD-128S-BC for snare
  • KD-120BK for kick drum
  • VH-13-MG for Hi Hat
  • CY-12C and CY-13R for crash
  • CY-15R for ride
  • BT-1 for extra trigger
  • Gibraltar Hardware ( 5707 hi hat stand, 4711SC single kick pedal, 5608 throne, and 4707 snare stand ) - Want to upgrade? Use Live Chat
  • Roland RH-200 Headphones
  • Contact us to customize this package or kit to suit your needs. 


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