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Yamaha DSR112 Edrum Monitor and PA Speaker


  • $899.99

Replaced by the DZR12.  

The Yamaha DSR112 is a great speaker. Not just a great Edrum monitor. Its one of the best products Yamaha has come out with in a long time as well. It's my favorite powered speaker, its has a great warranty of 7 years. It sounds amazing and has power for days. You will never ever be drowned out on stage. You will likely be asked to turn down if you have full control. At my last job I sold this speaker and it sounded as good if not better than other speakers that were double the price. Yamaha basically bought this European speaker company called Nexo and subsidized an amazing speaker in the process. They really forced some other manufacturers to improve and lower prices to keep up. You should buy it. Its a good deal for what it is and gets the job done, is reliable, and sounds great.

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