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Yamaha DTX760K Electronic Drum Kit -

Yamaha DTX760K Electronic Drum Kit

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The Yamaha DTX760K is an electronic drum kit with an advanced drum module, great feeling pads, and responsive cymbals. With this kit you get the DTX700 module, Textured Silicon drums, the new KP100 kick trigger, the RHH135 hi hat cymbal, two PCY135 crash cymbals, and the PCY155 ride. You also get all the cables, the drum rack, a snare stand, and a hi hat stand. The only thing pictured you don't get is the kick pedal. Need one? Let us know. You might also need some headphones and drum sticks unless you already have some. Let us help you choose the right kit, hardware, and accessories to make your playing experience the best it can be. 

What comes with the DTX760K?

  • Module: DTX700 
  • Snare: XP120SD + SS662 
  • Tom1, 2: XP100T x 2 
  • Floor Tom: XP120T 
  • Crash Cymbal1, 2: PCY135 x 2 
  • Ride Cymbal: PCY155 
  • Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS740A 
  • Kick: KP100 
  • Rack: RS700

New for 2016 Yamaha has a free IOS app you can download so you can tweak drum kits using an iphone or ipad.