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Yamaha DTX8K-M - Real Wood - Demo - Unboxing Video Unit

Yamaha DTX8K-M - Real Wood - Demo - Unboxing Video Unit

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The Yamaha DTX8K-M in Real Wood finish that was used for our unboxing and demo videos. It was unboxed and played on for our unboxing video. Once purchased it will be reboxed and shipped out. Unit carries a full Yamaha 1 year warranty. 

Key Features: 

  • Included Yamaha DTX-Pro drum module produces real drum sounds and real-room ambience recorded in world renowned studios
  • AMBIENCE, COMP, and EFFECT Kit Modifier knobs that allow you to create your own unique sounds
  • Remo two-ply mesh heads with outstanding noise reduction, durability, and feel when hit, as well as great rebound, making them superbly comfortable to play are used on all pads
  • Striking wood shells that are built and finished at Yamaha acoustic drum factories
  • Snare/tom/hi-hat pads are equipped with two playing zones ( head and rim ) and the cymbal pads all have three zones ( edge, bow for crashes w/ choke, Bow, Bell, Edge w/ choke on ride ) 
  • Ride cymbal is equipped with a hit point detection function
  • Professional Yamaha system hardware used for hardware and racks

What the kit comes with: 

  • DTX-PRO Drum Module
  • XP125SD-M (12 inch) Mesh head 2-zone pad for snare
  • XP105T-M (10 inch) Mesh head 2-zone pad for both tom 1, 2, and 3 
  • KP90 (7.5 inch) rubber head with Multi layer cushion for kick
  • RHH135 13" for Hi hat 
  • PCY135 13" Crashes for crash 1 and 2 
  • PCY155 15" for the Ride
  • HS650A for the included hi hat stand
  • RS8 for the included rack system

What you might also need: 

Drumsticks, drum throne, kick pedal, headphones. We sell all of these items so if you need them let us know and we can make you a package deal on everything.