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Custom Edrums

We just produced our first 14" electronic snare for a customer and were really happy with the results. Here is a pic of it. 


We plan on having a few different 14" production models in the near future and will also be converting the Tama Club Jam kits. Once those are finished we will promote this a bit more. If anyone wants one of these Club Jam kits once we are finished hit us up. We have to install the triggers in them and get the mesh heads installed and then do a photo shoot. Once that is done we can ship them out. After these are done and they do well we can replicate these kits and branch out to other kits to convert. We currently sell Pearl, Tama, and Yamaha drums so if you want us to convert one of these kits for you and make a package deal with cymbals and a module let us know. We also did this 18" kick drum last month which is still for sale if anyone wants an affordable 18" electronic kick check it out.