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Edrumcenter Trade Policy - 2021

Updated 5-11-21

Have stuff to trade? We give 75% of what we think we can sell an item for quickly. Most stores either won't do trades or give less than half what it's worth. Resale sites take a huge cut and you have to do all the work and answer a ton of questions. 


How to trade


Contact us and/or send us a list of items you'd like to trade with pictures and a full list of accessories, boxes, manuals, and any changes to original condition that might add or subtract value. We will determine a common selling price and communicate to come to an agreement and create an order as needed. We then need the items shipped to our location to be inspected. Items must be in working order and cleaned up. Items that smell of smoke or are not functional cannot be traded in and will be returned to the sender. 

We Trade 2 Ways 

1. One method is we come to a trade deal and you purchase the new items. We ship those to you and then when you get those you send in your trades and we issue a credit back to your original payment method once we get everything and inspect them ( usually just a few day process ). 

2. The other way is we come to a trade deal and you finalize your order. You send in your trade items, we inspect them, and then we send an invoice for the difference. Then we ship your new order. 

What items do you take? 

Electronic drum related items that we think we can sell quickly. Stuff we sell on our website is a good barometer of what we will take. 


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