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 Edrumcenter is a company founded in 2016 by Erik Hamm who helped found and run, RMC Audio, and RMC Audio Direct. He was the the main Electronic Drums expert and salesperson at all three stores and an avid fan of electronic percussion. Erik is familiar with most brands of electronic drums like Roland, Yamaha, Hart Dynamics, Pintech, Alesis, Behringer, 2Box, Zildjian Gen 16, and more. He has probably played around with and owned them at one time.

 Edrumcenter tests everything we sell to see what its like and also because its a lot of fun to play the drums. If you are looking for an opinion on something edrums related please ask and we will steer you in the right direction. If we have not played with it yet we will evaluate it and get back to you with an honest opinion. Edrumcenter plans on being active in the Edrum community and working as a customer advocate to the main vendors as to what we want and at what price. We plan to take input from customers and create custom kit configurations and also custom kits for the drum modules. That added with our product knowledge and ability to give discounts will bring you back every time you need something related to electronic drums. Support us by buying all your electronic drums needs here, spreading the word to your drummer friends, and writing reviews for us online. Contact Us with any questions. We are easy to reach and work with. 

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