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Edrumcenter Updates 11-18 Roland TD-50, Yamaha, Alesis News

Just checking in to let everyone know guys what's up with Edrumcenter lately. Things are going great so far since we launched in August. Roland came out with the new TD-50 kits on 9-9 which has sold great so far and has really gotten a ton of interest. Late 2016 and 2017 should be all about the TD-50 and keep us pretty busy. The kits are already shipping and the modules, snare, and ride are due in January. I'm taking orders for them right now The KDA-22 is also due around the same time but Roland is still debating on exact launch windows. Yamaha is supposed to have already gotten me on board but its taking longer than we thought for some reason. If you read this and want to buy Yamaha from us contact them. We were in talks with Alesis but Roland has filed a lawsuit against the parent company of Alesis for patent infringement so we won't be dealing with Alesis any time soon it seems. I am working three jobs right now through January when the TD-50's are supposed to start shipping. I'm running sound which has been a lot of fun and its really driven home how much easier Edrums are to mix and load in and out of gigs. I'm working on the website as much as I can still and logos so if you have any feedback let me know! Lastly we could use always use some more sales so if you need anything Edrums contact us. We'll give you an amazing deal and stellar support before, during, and after the sale.