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Edrumcenter Winter NAMM 2019 News and Updates

Updated 2-4-19

Here is where all the news and info from NAMM 2019 will get put as we find out about it. Will be posting pics on social media and doing Youtube videos as well on all the new NAMM gear so be sure to follow us and subscribe. 

ATV has already announced new kits. The Pro series which have larger sizes and a glossy Natural finish. The sizes will be 8,10, 12, 14, 16 for toms. 20" for the kick and 14" for the snare. The drums use 6 ply maple shells so can be used as acoustic drums as well. Pricing is TBD at this time 1-21-19 and the ETA is June. Once we find out prices we will build the official pages for these. ATV also announced a new SFX cymbal, had the ATV link prototype working, announced some multiband EQ's, and announced an IOS editor for the AD5 module. 




Roland came out with the TM-1 trigger module which is $159.99. Its small device that sits on the floor and allows a drummer to plug in two triggers. Enter the TM-1—a unique trigger module that makes it easy to add more sounds to your acoustic drum kit. And those sounds can be anything you like, from the TM-1’s onboard kick, snare, tom, cymbal, and percussion samples to your own samples and loops. Just connect any compatible Roland trigger pad to the TM-1 and directly play the sounds you need, or mount an RT-series trigger to one of your acoustic drums and play with your preferred sample layered on top in perfect sync, with no lag whatsoever. Getting your own custom sounds into the TM-1 is a breeze, thanks to the free editor app for Mac/Windows and iOS/Android.* Simply connect the TM-1 to your device, open the app, import samples from your library, and tweak the settings as needed. When it comes to performing on stage, the battery- or mains-powered TM-1 can be easily controlled with your foot via built-in switches. It’s even possible to mute the hybrid sound with a foot press, letting you go all-acoustic in the verses before bringing in some extra hybrid power for the chorus



Roland also talked about using Roland Cloud in conjunction with drum modules. So you would in theory have access to the Roland cloud drum library and control it with your Roland drum module. Not exactly sure how all of that would work but it would give you a huge library to access for sounds. Roland Cloud is a monthly subscription service



2box has reissued a new Drumit 5 module which adds the ability to work with more pads and uses larger SD cards. Pricing and ETA is TBD on this but we will get the info shortly. 



Pearl Emerge is not brand new but it was the first time we saw and heard it. Will try to play on it before we leave. Today we talk to Alesis and check out the Strike Pad. Will try to get all the new stuff up as time allows but headed back to NAMM for day 2. 



On day two was able to play the Alesis Strike Multipad and its seems like a good product. The sounds that were in it were good and fun to play around with and it triggered well with both stick and hand play. Barely scratched the surface on the sound library as there were people waiting to play on it. Pressed Alesis on when we might get some of these and didn't get a firm date just as soon as they can. 




Went to Pearl after that and got to play the Emerge for a few minutes. Enough to get an idea how it triggers and sounds. The triggering for me was very good and the sounds were good and varied. Lots of acoustic and electronic sounds to choose from. The interface is also very streamlined and user friendly. They opted for a more plug and play option here than the Mimic. The pads and cymbals are not supposed to work with any other module though, and it has limited inputs. So the Mimic Pro has not been replaced or anything. Once these start shipping maybe we can see if the pads are indeed only going to work on the MDL-1 module. Not sure who was in that pic but he was a pretty awesome player got some video of him playing the kit which you can see below. 

Will post more new stuff as time allows. Will be adding the new products as time allows and will be doing several NAMM videos once we get back to the shop. 

Here is a quick video we did of the NAMM highlights.


Got the NAMMthrax ( sick ) on the flight back but powered through it and got all orders out placed while we were away. Here is more in depth video with commentary we did once we could talk again!


That's pretty much a wrap for Winter NAMM 2019. Been slammed since we got back with orders and inquiries. Thanks for checking out our Blog and videos. Support us by getting your Edrum needs from and thanks again!