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A customer has asked this question over the weekend. 

"Great to hear about your new venture and I certainly hope it's a smashing success.  My only question is will you have the same type of prices customers enjoyed at RMC?  You guys always had the best price which is why I never looked anywhere else for my drum gear - particularly Roland gear.  However, browsing the new site, your prices seem to be on par / the same as all the big music stores.  Are your prices better if the customer calls first...kind of like RMC?  Thanks and I hope all is well."

Great question! Yes I will still be giving great deals, especially now! I am really glad this question was asked as I am in the works to create something similar to what RMC has in the way of a quote system. Right now in order to get the best price on anything due to advertising restrictions you must Chat, Email, or Call me for best price. While I would love to sell at full price I do understand that one of the ways I can get new customers and reward repeat customers is by giving deals out. More than willing to make this a WIN/WIN for all involved. As ( #909day ) approaches stay tuned for Roland news. In the meantime, contact me today to get a great deal!