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Summer NAMM 2017

Posted by Erik Hamm on

So Summer NAMM 2017 snuck up on all of us. It's not usually a big Edrums show but I had heard ATV was going to show off their new drums and Roland offered me the NAMM demo TD-50K kit so I drove over to Nashville Saturday. 


The new ATV kits look and play great. I am going to get them added as soon as I get pricing probably this week. They work with ATV, Roland, and Pearl Mimic modules. Individual pads and cymbals will be for sale later this year ( October ). The kits are supposed to ship in September. ATV Modules are already available now. Any questions let us know. 


Roland TD-50K NAMM Demo Kit - I helped pack this kit up and other than a few stick marks on the cymbals it looks basically brand new. It was opened up to be used at NAMM and then the Roland drum specialist and myself packed it up. Save over Edrumcenter's already low price and get a like new kit with all the boxes and a warranty.


I saw the SPD-One's in action at the Roland booth and talked to the person who helped develop the product. They seem solid as a rock as expected and will be a great addition to your existing setup. The SPD-One Wav pad is the one I see selling the best. It has the same sample memory as the SPD-SX so this one tiny affordable pad should be an easy to justify addition for any drummer needing to add sample playback capability. 


Yamaha lowered prices on several Edrum kits this month. The DTX532K, DTX562K, and DTX720K all went down several hundred dollars in price. Yamaha also sprung this new product on everyone called Session Cake. There are two models of Session Cake the SC-01 and SC-02. They are headphone mixers with inputs but the coolest feature for me is the ability to hook up to Garage Band and record straight into your IOS device. I tried this feature at NAMM at it seems to work great and is easy to get started. 


That's about it for Summer NAMM 2017. Pearl was not there sadly as I would have loved to talk to them. 2Box and Alesis were also no shows even though they are currently under the Radar for brands we are going to sell I still would have liked to see them show up. The Nashville Convention Center is amazing and Nashville has turned into an amazingly fun city to visit. It was great to see everyone and now we can't wait for Winter NAMM 2018. Thanks for reading!

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