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TD-20 LCD Replacement Screen

This is to help address the question I come across about once a week. The TD-20 LCD screen. Right now in 2019 and dating back to sometime in 2018 Roland does not have replacement LCD's to fix an issue that affected some TD-20 modules. The issue seems to be that some pixels fade or die over time making the screen unreadable or hard to read over time. I have come across this issue a few times myself on trades. Its to the point to where I ask if this is an issue with a prospective trade and I am hesitant to take them on trade if there is any doubt. There are not many online solutions for this that I or my service person have come across. Roland does not have the part available and can't get more from the vendor. We are not sure if the vendor just stopped making the item or Roland decided to stop ordering the part. If anyone knows of a solution or any more info please post it here or message us. Roland TD-30 and TD-50 modules are not effected as they started using newer easier to read and reliable screens in 2012-2013.