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TD-27 Update 7-20-20

TD-27 V-Drums Module Version 1.10—More Drum Kits, More Sound Variations, and More Control

Roland V-Drums already provide the ultimate experience in electronic drumming—
striving to make it even better. The free TD-27 Version 1.10 update adds many great enhancements to the TD-27 module, bringing the latest benefits of our ongoing development to TD-27KV V-Drums and VAD506/VAD503 V-Drums Acoustic Design owners. Ten new drum kits across a range of styles have been added, expanding the onboard total to 65 preset kits. Going further, 21 of the original kits have been improved with numerous sound refinements. And more templates and mic types are now available in the overhead settings, giving you deeper customization and control of the ambient environment. There’s more to explore and more ways to make your drum sound your own—download the TD-27 Version 1.10 update today!

TD-27 Version 1.1 Download Link