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ATV EXS-5 Electronic Drum Kit


  • $2,499.00

ATV kits are no longer available is the USA. This page is for reference only. Please contact us to see what we have available in this price range right now. 

The ATV EXS-5 is an all mesh electronic drum kit. The EXS-5 has larger sized drums and cymbals than the EXS-3 but both have the same drum module. 

What you get with the EXS-5 is:

  • ATV xD3 Sound Module
  • 13" Mesh Kick Drum
  • 13" Mesh Snare Drum
  • 2 x 10" Mesh mounted toms
  • 13" Mesh Floor Tom
  • 14" ATV Hi-Hat
  • 2 x14" ATV Crash Cymbal
  • 16" ATV Ride Cymbal
  • Drum Rack 
  • Drum Key 

Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, drum throne, and headphones are not included. If you need them we can create a custom package for you that takes into consideration your individual needs. Contact us now!


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