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Trick P1VBF2 PRO1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal -

Trick P1VBF2 PRO1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal


  • $899.99

The Trick Pro1-V Bigfoot 2 Double Kick Pedal in Original Finish. The part # is P1VBF2 to make sure you are getting the correct version. There are several versions of Trick double pedals. Trick pedals use a compression spring so they are easy to adjust, smooth, and quiet. They work well with the Roland KD-140 KD-120, ATV ADK-18, Most Hawk Custom Edrums, and most Muzzio kick drums. The beater angle is adjustable. 

We try to stock these but the lead time for new orders can be quite long. We recommend you contact us to get an ETA on our next shipment that isn't already sold to another customer. They are typically sold before they ever arrive. Thanks for your patience!

  • Part # P1VBF2
  • Made in the USA
  • Feel Awesome
  • Compression Spring Design ( quiet )
  • Very easy one knob tension adjust 
  • Heavy Duty is an understatement
  • Free Shipping
  • Does not work well with certain newer models of the Roland Kick drum due to the width of the beaters ( KD-9 KD-10, KDA-22, KD-220, KD-180 ) but works with KD-140 and KD-120. Works great with ATV, Hawk, Muzzio, and any normal acoustic Kick Drum. 

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