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Roland VH-10 Electronic Hi Hat -

Roland VH-10 Electronic Hi Hat

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The Roland VH-10 is an electronic hi hat. This is the most affordable version of the type of electronic hi hat that can be used on an everyday hi hat stand Roland has ever come out with. The VH-10 is very similar to the VH-11 but is a lighter thinner top cymbal. The idea was to make the hi hat a little better feeling and more responsive. The hi hat stand makes a huge difference so choose you hi hat stand wisely. You can play half-closed and do foot splashes as well. 

  • Light-weight cymbal, perfect for foot splash techniques and quick pedal control
  • Very playable
  • Differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge
  • Striking surface uses rubber for silencing so still quiet like past Roland cymbals
  • Must be used/mounted on optional hi-hat stand, if you need recommendations just ask!
  • Affordable price