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ATV EXS-3CY Electronic Drum Kit

ATV EXS-3CY Electronic Drum Kit

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New for 2021 ATV announces the EXS-3CY electronic drum kit. ATV kept getting requests to add an additional crash cymbal to the EXS-3 kit so they came out with this official package that includes the additional 12" crash cymbal and boom arm. 

The EXS-3CY includes:

  • New ATV xD3 sound module
  • 10" mesh kick drum
  • 10" mesh snare drum
  • 3 x 10" mesh toms
  • 12" ATV electronic hi hat.
  • 12" electronic ATV crash x 2
  • 14" ATV electronic ride cymbal.
  • The pictured rack system and a drum key.  

Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, drum throne, and headphones are not included. Some customers need these and some don't. If you need them we can create a custom package that takes consideration your individual needs.