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EFNOTE 5 Electronic Drum Kit
EFNOTE 5 Electronic Drum Kit
EFNOTE 5 Electronic Drum Kit
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EFNOTE 5 Electronic Drum Kit

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The EFNOTE 5 is an electronic drum kit that has quickly become one of our best sellers. The EFNOTE 5 kit looks, plays, and sounds great. Check out our unboxing video and preset video on our Youtube channel. 

  • Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sound
  • Tuning/Muffling/EQ - Threshold/Sensitivity/Curve for Each Pads
  • “Virtual Pad” Function for Sound Layering
  • 18” Ride, 16” Crash, 14” Hi Hats and 8” Splash
  • ALL 360° CYMBALS, 3-Zone Ride and Crash, 2-Zone HH
  • Full 6 ply Birch Shells
  • Close to Zero Latency, Extremely Realistic Stroke Response and Feel
  • 16” kick, 12” Snare, 10” Rack Tom, 12” Floor Tom
  • Low Profile Touchscreen Module
  • 8 Channel USB Audio Output (ASIO) Multi-Track MIDI Recording
  • Flexible I/O Routing with GUI
  • Individual Click Output
  • Set List Function for Live Performance
  • Stroke Analysis Function for Practice
  • Recorder Function
  • On-Board Micro-Speaker for Metronome

Snare stand included. Hi hat stand, kick pedal, and drum throne are optional. Let us help you choose or browse our selection online. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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brian foor
Edrumcenter was great and love the kit

First time ordering from Edrum center. Great experience. Love this kit. Very easy to get immersed into the exprience and i forget that im not on an acoustic kit. Im in the love with the jazz kit preset. Worth every penny and actually playing shells instead of rubber pads has an authenticity that cannot be overstated. Very pleased all around.


I’m getting back into drumming after 10 years away. I live in an apartment and so I had to get electronic drums. I was going to buy Roland, but watched some videos about EFNOTE and was impressed with the realistic sounds and simplicity of the module.

Wow. These things are fantastic. The module has plenty of features, and isn’t crowded with all of the useless stuff Roland puts into theirs. I sometimes forget I’m even playing e-drums. Plus the customer service was awesome and the shipping was lightning quick.

If you are considering an electronic set in this price range, get the EFNOTE. You won’t be disappointed.


The EFNOTE 5 is everything I wanted in an electronic drum set and it was well worth every penny. I use this to practice but I also record demos with it (acoustic drums in the final mix). Even though this is is not ideal for gigging, it’s so nice to have an electronic set that feels organic and captures the right sound and feel without the added noise. If you are a skilled enough drummer to hide the imperfect high hat and crash/ride sensors, this set can sound like the real thing.

1. e-drums that felt like acoustic drums
2. Ability to practice/record ideas at home without disturbing others
3. mesh drum pads with reputable sensors vs rubber pads
4. authentic acoustic drum sounds (not interested in electronic “pew pew” noises, I have groove boxes)
5. Less than $3,000 budget
6. MIDI + Stereo Out (Bluetooth IN is a supreme bonus)

If this sounds like your criteria, look no further.