Pearl P-3002D Direct Drive Double Pedal -

Pearl P-3002D Direct Drive Double Pedal

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The P3002D is direct drive double kick pedal. It's a pedal system so advanced, so well engineered that it becomes an extension of your body. Whether seeking to deliver lightning-fast blast beats or deep, rock-solid grooves, this pedal offers the adjust-ability to maximize your playing in any style. This has been a favorite for drummers since it was introduced several years ago. If you want the best pedal Pearl makes, this is it. 

  • Top of the line Direct Drive Design
  • Two position direct link adjusts for a choice of light or heavy feel. This creates the most seamless link between the player’s musical ideas and their execution on a bass drum.
  • Ninja Bearings were originally designed by skateboarding engineers, these bearings feature micro-polished steel balls for amazing speed and incredible smoothness.
  • Exclusive Duo-Deck, the world’s first convertible foot board. Through a simple adjustment, the Demon Drive pedal can be adjusted from a traditional short board to a long board pedal in seconds, offering a slightly lighter, quicker feel that is the preferred setup when speed is a necessity.
  • Two-position Beater Stroke Adjustment. The two position direct link adjusts for a choice of light of heavy feel.
  • Click Lock prevents the tension knob from loosening no matter how hard you play. Simply flip up the lever for adjustment.
  • Aluminum Traction Dots are fully adjustable to vary the amount of slip or grip for your playing.
  • Loosen and rotate to desired footboard height. Rotation is clearly indexed for optimal repeatable.