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Pearl P2052C Double Kick Pedal


  • $479.99

The Pearl P2052C is a Double kick pedal with ninja bearings and dual chain drive. Comes with a nice case! What are Ninja Bearings? Developed by skateboarding engineers for the ultimate in fast, quiet performance, "NiNja Bearings" incorporate state-of-the-art micro-polished steel "balls" for incredibly fast and smooth performance. Not to buy yet? Well this pedal has NEW Rotor tension cradle tech built right into it. What? No idea what that means? It locks the desired spring settings into place and prevents tension creep under play. The counter spring adjustment’s rolling cradle allows the spring to pivot with each stroke for less resistance. Pearl patented that tech! 

  • Quad Beaters
  • Powershifter Function
  • Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam
  • Zero Play Hinge 
  • Independent Traction Grips: to suit your exact playing requirements.
  • Fits most drums
  • Case Included

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