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ATV aD-C16 16" Electronic Cymbal -

ATV aD-C16 16" Electronic Cymbal

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The ATV aD-C16 is a 16" electronic cymbal. Can be used as a crash or a ride. It works with ATV AD5, XD-3, Gewa, Pearl Mimic Pro, and most Roland modules. The cymbal is quiet enough for silent play and feels great.

For use as a crash w/ choke use the Edge input of the ATV cymbal. For use as a ride make sure the Bell/Cup input is going to the bell input on your module and the Main input is the Edge Input. Check your manual for reference and feel free to reach out with questions. 

  • 360 degree triggering and choking 
  • 16" ecymbal that can be used as a crash or a ride on most drum modules 
  • 2 Year US Warranty 
  • Cables are not included