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Electronic Drums

Electronic drums have been around since the 80's as far as we can tell. Since then the technology has increased leaps and bounds to where we are now. There has also been an explosion in new gear just in the past 2 years. Edrumcenter was formed to bring quality Electronic drums to the internet masses. We bring a broad selection of the best brands of electronic drums like 2Box, ATV, Pearl, Roland, and Yamaha. We also offer Pearl, Tama, and Yamaha acoustic kits for sale so you can get all your drumming needs fulfilled at Edrumcenter. If you need drum hardware, drumstick, mesh heads, drum amps, or just advice on building a kit Edrumcenter is the place to shop. 

With our growing music production division you can get anything Roland and Yamaha makes at a great deal as well. We are proud to offer the fantastic Yamaha DBR, DXR, DSR, and Stagepas pa speakers. We have heard pretty much every brand of speakers and these are right up there in sound quality at every price point but we feel actually exceeds expectations and then some especially on Yamaha DSR which remains a favorite.